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Let us introduce you to the pleasure of a custom, meticulously made garment crafted exclusively for you from the finest fabrics in the world.

Each piece is expertly cut, uniquely shaped, and beautifully stitched —
an affordable luxury that you can enjoy every day.
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Personalized Fine Clothing Services For Men!

From fine custom suits, jackets, coats, tuxedos, and shirts to ties, cuff links, belts, and socks.

Bespoke Clothing

Made-to-Measure Clothing

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Peter Panos Gives You Complete Control of Your Wardrobe!

Create your own unique style of garment that complements your own silhouette. Select just the right fabric and color that promotes the image you desire. Then, let Peter Panos customize your style with comfort.

The Personal Tailoring Experience That Only Peter Panos Can Offer!

Your personal Tailoring Experience starts with a direct interaction with the tailor who designs and crafts your garment. Beginning with consultation and ending with a bespoke tailored garment that is made for your unique physique.

Consultation: Peter Panos will discuss your style preferences without limitation in relation to your body type and special detailing such as real buttonholes, pocket treatment, stitched edges, etc.

Fabric Selection: Peter Panos understands fabric very well and he will guide you towards a choice of cloth from several different mills that is suitable for the style of suit you have in mind. This step is important in choosing he right fabrics in terms of how they drape and wear considering climate, occasion, and the image you hope to project.

Measurement: Peter Panos will take careful measurement while taking notes on your stance, build, posture, back’s arch, shoulder’s slope, chest and stomach description, seat shape, and body proportion.

Pattern Making: Peter Panos will carefully create your personal pattern taking into account all of the notes he accumulated during the measurements.

Multiple Fitting: During the construction of your garment, Peter Panos will ask you to come in for 2-3 fittings. After each fitting, Peter Panos will make adjustments accordingly. These fittings are required to achieve more precise and perfect garment.

Why Choose Peter Panos as your Master Tailor?

Peter Panos is committed to providing Men’s Fine Clothing that signals authority, confidence, trust, openness, and command attention. Peter Panos’ mission is to craft fine clothing for men that is cut in relation to client’s unique body type with a fabric that compliments the image and message the wearer hopes to project and convey with comfort.
My philosophy is to elevate awareness and importance of men’s fine clothing. I am commitment to provide comfort, quality, fine fabrics and craftsmanship that provide enduring value in men’s clothing.
Peter Panos has been offering personal tailoring experience with world class service to his clients since 1978, you can’t have one without the other. Customers turn to me not just because I craft fine clothing and offers personal tailoring experience, but also because I give my clients an excellent customer service.

What Clients Say?

“Thank you again from all of us at the SF Symphony for the work you did on
this special surprise for Michael Tilson Thomas. The jacket made a special
appearance onstage after all.”
Patrick Hosfield, San Francisco Symphony
“Best tux I have ever worn! Do not you retire on me because I have more projects for you.”
Phillip Mabrey