About Peter Panos

Peter Panos Aristakessian is a master bespoke tailor whose passion is helping the men of San Francisco discover their personal style through well-fitted, custom-made garments. For nearly 40 years, he has been providing the highest-quality custom tailoring to businessmen, working men, and celebrities like Pixar’s John Lasseter, and San Francisco Symphony’s Michael Tilson Thomas.

As a young boy Peter attended the finest tailoring houses in Beirut, Lebanon. In 1976, driven from the country due to war, Peter found himself living in San Francisco. With little more than $2 in his pocket, he began knocking on doors, seeking to demonstrate his skill in tailoring.  After years of hard work, he finally opened up his own store in Union Square in 1978, where he works to this date.

About Peter Panos

Products and Services

Bespoke Suits and Tuxedos – These custom suits and tuxedos are Peter’s specialty. Fabrics from the highest quality European mills, such as Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Scabal, and more, are available to you. Work one-on-one with Peter as you choose the style and cut of your custom suit/tuxedo. By working closely with a master tailor, you will be sure to be sure to have a perfect, custom garment every time.

Custom Dress Shirts – The foundation to every great suit is a well fitted, button-down dress shirt. Unlike an off-the-rack shirt that take forever to find and never quite fits properly, Peter Panos’s custom dress shirts are guaranteed to fit you properly without the hassle of searching through a department store.  Like the bespoke suits and tuxedos, you and Peter will find the perfect look and materials to shape into your unique measurements.

AccessoriesPeter carries a wide assortment of formal accessories such as ties, tie-clips, cufflinks, and belts from designers such as Italo Ferretti, Roger Ximenez, and Tateossian.

Weddings – If you want to look the best on your wedding day, there is not better way than with a bespoke tuxedo from Peter Panos. Click here for more information.

More – Having been a tailor for nearly 40 years, there are few things that Peter can’t do.  If you have a question about the what services and products he provides, the best way find out is to stop by the shop or contact us here.