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Peter Panos specializes in men’s bespoke formal wear. He designs everything from custom dress shirts to full tuxedos for any body size and any occasion. Learn more here.

There are three main stages to completing a new garment. The first stage begins with an initial consultation to work out the details of your order. In the consultation, you will discuss the type of garment, fabric choice, fabric color, etc. Once the details have been determined, Peter will take initial measurements in order to begin.

Your order then goes into the next stage of production where Peter will begin creating your garment. During this time, he may set up another fitting with you to ensure your garment turns out perfectly.

After making all the necessary adjustments, you will be able to come in for the final fitting to try on and take home your finished garment.

Depending on the intricacy, size, and number of garments, an order can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months. During your initial consultation (schedule one here), Peter will be able to give you his best estimate.

Absolutely not. The beauty of working directly with a custom tailor like Peter Panos is that he can guide you to something that will work best for you. Every piece is a collaborative project balancing your tastes with his decades of fashion experience.

Prices vary depending on the fabric, design, and number of pieces ordered. In general, expect to pay more than what you would at an “off-the-rack” retail store. However, with a higher cost comes higher quality.

While retail stores carry suits at lower prices, they usually sacrifice quality in order to do so. As such, the clothing wears out faster and must be replaced more frequently, costing you more money in the long run.

Custom pieces tend to withstand the test of time better than their “off-the-rack” counterparts. Many of Peter Panos’s custom suits last for decades, because of his attention to detail, and the quality of materials that he uses. For the best estimate, schedule a fitting and visit Peter in his shop.

When it comes to clothing, finding that perfect fit, can be a nightmare. Mainstream retailers may have a wide variety of styles, but their standardized sizing systems can never account for everyone’s unique body shape and size – even if you have what they might consider the “ideal body-type”. By ordering from Peter Panos, you are ensuring that you will get a unique, stylish, perfectly fitting addition to your wardrobe.

In the majority of cases, no. While fashion trends come and go, there are “classic looks” that tend to remain the same no matter the trend. Having Tailored for nearly 50 years, Peter Panos has the experience to know the “classic looks” well enough to make your custom piece timeless. If you’re worried about your custom garment going out of fashion, be sure to bring it up at your initial consultation.